What can I help you with, you ask?

AUDIT of your current practices and suggestions on how to quickly get into compliance if you are not.

EMPLOYEE MANUAL creation, review, and/or update.  

HIRING  I can help you wherever you need help – from just placing the ad to reviewing resumes to pre-screening or interviewing, I am a phone call away.  Unless you hired me to be on site.  Then I am there.  You don’t need to call.  Unless your place of business is huge.  

FIRING  Do you have concerns about the legalities about firing a staff member?  I can discuss this with you, ease your concerns, or tell you what you should do to be on the safe side.  It’s your call.  

JOB DESCRIPTIONS/CLASSIFICATIONS  The Fair Labor Standards Act (if your employees should be earning overtime or not) unfortunately applies to all employers, no matter how small.  If you are thinking “ruh-roh, shaggy”, we should set up a time to talk.  

ON-SITE HR    Some folks prefer to work face-to-face or to provide their employees a point person to free up owners/managers time for bigger fish.   From once a month to once a week, the schedule really depends on your business needs.

PAYROLL processing, PAYROLL set-up, PAYROLL conversion, PAYROLL audit… all things payroll.  You get it.  Payroll, payroll, payroll.  (Brady Brunch?)

TRAINING I can train you and/or your staff with regard to interviewing, anti-harassment, supervisory skills, you name it.  I can set up training on-line to meet requirements that a vendor may have (sort of a check the box, get the signature, we need it in the file kind of training, or I can personalize training and provide it.  In person.  Obviously.  

PERFORMANCE REVIEWS/PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT  Do you need reviews put in place?  I can tailor make one that fits your needs or revise the one you already have.  Give you a few to look at… see which ones you like. Not too complicated, not too time-consuming, it’s all up to you.  Or, just pick one I already have to save money.  

BACKGROUND CHECKS  This one is kinda important.  I think it’s worth spending a few bucks to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your staff.   Plus, it will save you the ginormous headache that could be the result of hiring a criminal.   Not saying all criminals are bad.. but you might want to think twice about a murderer?   Or a thief?

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