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From simple compliance questions, to employee manuals, to complicated people drama dilemmas, I work with you to provide simple, quick and effective solutions to all your HR problems, big or small.  I work with you personally.  No red-tape.  Zero bureaucracy.  

For 15+ years, I worked in HR for Corrupt Corporate America, from pharmeceutical printing companies to giant international publicly traded ones to well-known not-for-profits.   I grew to HATE. it.  So here I am.  Subscribe to my blog for the down and dirty on why I grew to hate it, what I saw and heard, and subsequently refused to be a part of.. it really is unbelievable.

pig and me







I think logically.  I am level-headed , thick-skinned and resourceful. If I don’t have the answer, I will find the answer.  If I don’t know something, I will learn it.   Unfortunately, was not available as a domain. Booooo.


I have a low threshold for small talk. Get to the point. For God’s sake. PLEASE.

Misuse of power.  Greed.  Unethical, illegal, and/or immoral behavior.


I am “quirky”.   That’s what a person who interviewed me told the recruiter.  Needless to say, I did not get that job.


Well, you obviously have the skills and experience, and I certainly wouldn’t mind looking at you all day.” (during interview for HR Manager position with owner of company whose wife worked there with him.)  Seriously?  SMH. You can’t make this sh*t up.


Investigations (people can be strange/enough said), employee manuals, policies, procedures, reduced worker’s comp claims, hired, fired, performance-managed, processed payroll, benefits, and so on.  I had my Senior Professional HR Certification for 10 years.  I self-studied and passed the first time.  I don’t have the patience for a slow talker to teach me anything.  

Taken an untold number of naps under my desk.  Well, if you don’t want to give me any work, then, well, why would I not take a nap?  I worked pretended to be the HR Manager for a company in the garment district/NYC and I borrowed the blanket (seen in pic)  when the office dropped below 60 degrees.  There was also no hot water to wash hands.  No, seriously.   ry=400-2


  1. B.A. in Psychology.
  2. M.S in Applied Psychology.  (Don’t be impressed. I picked the school based on which one did not require a thesis. True story.)
  3.  An uncanny knack for spotting typos.
  4. Unwavering integrity.



I NEED YOU TO KNOW:  I always worked hard.  I earned steady increases at every position, at every company.   I loved HR.  I was good at it.  Problem: When I suggested the ethical course of action, it was ignored, and ultimately, no dollar figure  can save my conscience.   SolutionIntegrityHR.  

My goal is to help you learn to avoid the many mistakes I witnessed throughout my career, which ended up in underperforming employees, workplace theft, and worst case scenario, expensive lawsuits.

If you 1) Hire the right employees  2) Provide clear expectations/ongoing feedback and 3) Treat your employees fairly and ethically…no one will want to take a nap at work.  No one will want to sue you.   You will be less stressed & your business will flourish.  

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